Our Purpose

The South Sound Community Playgroup is a long established, not-for-profit organisation, providing a much needed service to ‘new’ parents living in Grand Cayman; ‘new’ meaning either new to parenting or new to Cayman.

The Playgroup provides a location and a medium for parents, babies and toddlers to interact and socialize. The group is not a child-minding facility but rather an opportunity for parents and children to socialize and have fun! An adult, either parent, nanny or helper, must remain to supervise their child(ren) for the entire session.

What is Provided?

A huge variety of age-related toys, large and small, are available for the children at the various play-stations within the hall. There is a different craft activity each week as well as a sing-along to end the morning. The toddlers thoroughly enjoy their own version of karaoke and they learn the words and actions in no time at all. Simple refreshments are available throughout the session for children and adults

Who Can Come?

Any child from a few days old until they start full-time schooling is welcome to attend as long as he/she is accompanied by an adult. During school holidays, former attendees or older siblings are also welcome at the additional cost of CI$10 per child per session.

Our History

The Playgroup grew from an idea of Julie Wills-Alpert about 20 years ago. She felt that both she and her baby would benefit from meeting with others in the same position and, not surprisingly, she found that many of her friends agreed with her.

Initially they got together in each other’s homes, but soon the number of attendees became too big to be accommodated in one house. Julie decided to look elsewhere and eventually found the South Sound Community Centre.

In February 2008, Julie decided the time had come to hand over the reins of management. Various mothers or groups of mothers stepped into the organisational role for the next few years. The group is currently led by grandmother, Jan Archbold, with help from some of the parents. However, Jan is ready to hand over to the next generation of volunteers, so let her know if you are willing to step into the breach!