Hear from our families on what they have enjoyed most about being a part of the South Sound Playgroup community.

“South Sound Playgroup has been a gift to the Cayman Community and, in particular, young mothers for many years now!  Every new mother is told early on to go there on Monday mornings as it provides an important opportunity for new mothers and their babies to meet and socialize with other new mothers and their babies. I will be eternally grateful to the team of volunteers for providing that gift to me and my family.   Each of my three children have attended, and it certainly helped knowing that they had a fun and safe activity to attend at the beginning of each week when I returned to work after my maternity leaves.  My children made very good friends there and the enthusiasm at song time never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face.”

Silva S.

Past attendee, helper and 3 children

“My kids and I loved South Sound Community Centre Playgroup on Monday mornings and we regularly attended when we lived in Cayman during 2012-2017. The kids were happy to play with different toys, do a craft activity, have a snack, play with friends and sing and dance at music time.  I especially remember the parties being so much fun.  The Halloween parties with all the kids dressed up and the Christmas parties with the decorations and gift bags. It’s a volunteer run Playgroup and I liked helping out when I could. The kids liked going early to help with set up or helping me prepare the example for the craft table.  It’s a great place to meet the other families with young kids on the island so a great first stop for new families arriving.” 

Emily H.

Past attendee, mother and 2 children

“Que decir de South Sound playgroup – fue mi primer contacto en la isla y fue un respiro de aire fresco.  El ver a mi hija jugar e interactuar con otros niños, eso fue incredible.  Para mi particularmente y para mi hija el Lunes, dia del playgroup, era y es el dia preferida de la semana.  Me ayudo a conocer a otros papas y mamas y nanis y entender un poco mas la vida en Caiman.  Hay muchos juguetes y siempre hay alguna manualidad.  Las canciones del final y ver a los niños bailar y cantar – yo me he emocionado mil veces.  A mi me ha facilitado la vida, es como volver a casa, es muy familiar.”

Rula L.

Current attendee, father and 2 children

“We lived in Cayman for 6 years. During this time, I had two children.  With my first child we were regular attenders of South Sound Playgroup or our Nanny used to take my son on days that I was working. When I had my second child, I was able to attend every week. It is a unique setting where parents, nanny’s and grandparents can meet, chat, exchange ideas and just relax for a morning together. The children love the variety of toys, space, and companionship of the group. The session has various elements to it that make it such a success. There is always a craft activity that the kids can choose to do, toys for all ages and a range of healthy and treaty snacks. Coffee/tea and children’s drinks are also available. During the last half an hour, everyone helps tidy and put away the toys and then there is a session of music and singing to end. All the kids love this part of the group as it really encourages community. On special days the group runs the most amazing events including Easter, Halloween and Christmas parties. For adults there is also an opportunity to give back the community and help with running the craft activity or helping on the door to take attendance fee and welcome everyone. During special party days there is also an opportunity to decorate the Community Centre. The Playgroup provides an amazing resource for Cayman.”

Kirsten J.

Past attendee, mother and 2 children

“My little one has been going to the South Sound Playgroup every Monday since she was about one. We wish we knew about it sooner!  There are tons of toys and other children to play with, a themed arts and crafts station, snacks for the kiddos and WiFi for the adults!  We like it so much, we would happily go another day of the week if it were offered!”

Anna B.

Current attendee, helper and 1 child

“South Sound playgroup has been the weekly highlight for my daughter and husband since we arrived on island 2 years ago.  My husband is Spanish and speaks very little English.  Not only was he welcomed with open arms but he was taken under everyone’s wing.  It allowed him to integrate much quicker.  He felt at ease and was given an opportunity to improve his English interacting with the organisers, parents and nannies.  For my daughter, it was the perfect place for her to learn to socialise with other children.  There is an abundance of toys for all ages, a weekly craft activity and singing time.  She has flourished at the playgroup and regularly asks throughout the week when she is next going to go.  The ladies that organise the playgroup are wonderful and caring, looking out for everyone and ensuring that all who attend are safe and entertained.  As a family, we can’t recommend the playgroup enough.  I would encourage everyone to try it out.”

Maria L.

Current attendee, mother and 2 children

“My boys and I attended South Sound Playgroup for around 5 years. We found the simple set up accommodating for my boys at their various ages, with clearly designated baby zones and separate craft area. The snack table was always popular, and it was wonderful to have fresh and healthy snacks, prepared and cut to their bite sized mouths, as well as tea and coffee for the adults. At ‘tidy time’, it was “all hands-on deck” to clear the plentiful toys away and then we gathered together for a sing along. It was a great way to meet new people and make lifelong friends. We supported each other through our children’s early years. I felt part of a community of people at South Sound and have such wonderful memories of happy times in this safe and caring place.  Many thanks to the volunteers that keep this community group going.”

Mollie H.

Past attendee, mother and 2 children

“There are so many things that I love about this Playgroup – the healthy snack, abundance of toys, craft, music, the interaction my daughter gets with the other kids, and the interaction I get with the other moms! We’ve been attending for over a year, and we both look forward to Monday mornings and Playgroup!” 

Chrystie D.

Current attendee, mother and 1 child

“The South Sound Playgroup is so well organised and is such a welcoming environment for babies/toddler and care givers.  I love the attention to holidays and events such as Christmas and Halloween – every child is given a party bag as they leave.  My girls look forward to Monday mornings when they enjoy playing with friends.  There is a great range of toys, crafts and snacks.  It is the best value for money on island for your child!”

Laura E.

Current attendee, Grandma, helper and 2 children

“My children both loved the South Sound Playgroup – they played, socialised, made friends and looked forward to it every week! My nanny nurtured and encouraged my children’s budding friendships which were kindled in the playgroup and are still going strong almost a decade later!”

Joanna B.

Owner Of Cayman Resident & Cayman Parent magazines. Past attendee, helper and 2 children

“I love South Sound Playgroup, and my daughter’s squeals of delight as we pull into the parking lot each week are evidence that she does, too! Playgroup has become an indispensable event for our family. It’s a valuable opportunity for my child to socialize with other toddlers and for me to connect with other parents and caregivers. Playgroup is a relief for me – how nice it is to spend the morning completing a craft I didn’t have to plan and source, introducing new toys without cluttering up our house, and enjoying a cup of coffee I didn’t brew myself. It’s a true community event that encourages parents to become actively involved, and in return, provides the best value of any similar organized playgroup on the island.”

Gina L.

Present attendee, mother and 1 child

“Our two-year-old twin boys have been attending the Monday Playgroup for the past year.  When they turned one, we realised that two energetic, excited little boys needed somewhere safe and entertaining to burn some energy, explore and meet new friends.  South Sound Playgroup proved the perfect solution.  It is held in an enclosed hall bursting full of toys, familiar faces, an arts and crafts table (much more extensive than anything we could put together at home) and a sing-along session at the end of the morning.  The themed parties the Playgroup organises are a huge hit with the boys, be it Halloween or Christmas.  They always enjoy dressing up and joining in the themed activities- especially the cup-cake decorating/devouring!”

Joanne H.

Past attendee, helper and 2 children

“South Sound Playgroup was an absolute life saver for me when I arrived on island in 2010. I came to Grand Cayman knowing nothing about the island or resources there would be for a new “stay at home mom.” I randomly met someone at the grocery store who told me to check out the group on Monday mornings. From that day on, this group became my saving grace. I met some of my, now, closest friends, and countless other moms and dads who helped to provide a network of support when I needed a hand. Through the South Sound playgroup, I was able to make a lot of connections and bond with others who were in my same position. Many playdates, beach dates, coffee dates and other engagements came from this group and helped me acclimate to my new life on island. My daughter, at that time my only child, was able to make several friends, and it was a delight to watch her interact with other children learning the basics of sharing and taking turns.  Playgroup continued to provide very welcome support during my later second and third pregnancies. If you enjoy being involved, whilst having a special time with your children, this is the group for you. There is a weekly craft table, snack table and even a “sing and dance along” at the end!”

Darcy C.

Past attendee, mother and 3 children.