We have had babies as young as a few days old and up until they start full-time schooling.

Yes, they are welcome to attend at an additional cost of CI$10 each.

Yes, you would be very welcome at the same payment of CI$10 per child.

No.  You can arrive and leave at any time during those hours.

No, there is no long-term commitment of any kind.  You can attend as few or as many sessions as you like.

No.  A parent or helper must continuously supervise any child attending while they attend Playgroup.


No.  The cost is CI$10 per child no matter how long you stay.

We only accept cash – CI$10.  Please try to have the correct amount in notes.  Change can given only in CI$.

The CI$10 covers the cost of the hall rental, the refreshments, the craft materials plus the cost of purchasing and maintaining the various toys and equipment.

About the Community Centre

There is a car park immediately outside the Community Centre and another alongside at the beach.  Please do NOT park on the main road.  As people arrive and depart at different times during the morning, be considerate and do not block anyone in.

Yes, free WiFi is available.  Connection details are provided in the Centre.

About the Playgroup

It varies each week, and throughout the morning as people come and go.  On average, there will be between 25 and 35 children, although on one wet February Monday morning only nine attendees turned up!  This was in sharp contrast to our Halloween party one year when the date happened to coincide with the school holidays.  We are not certain but think there must have been over 70 children and adults, most of whom were wearing Halloween costume. 

No, unless your child has any special dietary requirements, including food for very young babies.

Water and juice are available, primarily for the young ones.  Tea and coffee are provided for the adults.  There is also a supply of small pieces of fruit, cake and pastries.  We are unable to guarantee that all refreshments were made in a nut-free environment.